Software Services

Our End-To-End solutions from a Processor, Controller, and FPGA to a complex system on chip (SoC) help businesses develop smart products and solutions. A library of drivers and firmware components has now been gathered together, which has been tested for the time in various applications. Some of the skills of our firmware are

  • Unusual processing algorithms for Analog Front End
  • Quick boot for bare hardware and Linux systems
  • Secure Boot
  • Board bring-up, Boot Loaders, Diagnostics, Device Drivers
Graphic design of microcontroller
square shaped FPGA IP core

IP Solutions (Intellectual property core)
RTS offers designs solutions for its customers in the field of FPGA based System Design Services which includes RTL development, FPGA-based HW design, FPGA-based system, ASIC Prototyping, Synthesizable IP Design & Development, Pre & Post Silicon Verification, and Hardware Design. Our custom blocks greatly increase the capabilities of FPGAs by allowing designers to define custom functions that can be added as additional blocks in the FPGA fabric, alongside the traditional building blocks of LUTs, RAMs, and DSPs.

IP Verification
The verification effort required in using the IP is critical for success. A streamlined verification and analysis flow can contribute significantly to the success of a product.  60% – 70% of design failures are due to logic errors according to most studies. This fact drives the need for a new and more effective verification approach.

Basic types of verification such as formal verification, code coverage analysis, and ATPG methods were used to achieve high confidence. If you want to assume the least amount of risk and get to market promptly, then IP Core has to be evaluated on seven levels of verification.

IP verification procedure explained on a tick shape
Pie diagaram of RTL design flow

RTL (Verilog/VHDL) Coding

RTS provides Register Transfer Level (RTL) solutions for your SOC or FPGA. Working with customer and external or internal IP coding as well.

Integration of IP is becoming more prevalent in creating SOC’s. RTS knows how to blend current designs along with industry standard IP from many different vendors. RTS engineers have worked on multiple aspects of the RTL design flow on chips used in Defence Industry.

RTS has built our verification expertise around the latest methodologies, in particular, SystemVerilog with OVM/UVM, which captures the best features of both (VHDL and Verilog), and includes features of HVLs to support test bench development and formal verification techniques.RTS effectively employ VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog Engineers for SoC design needs.
Our teams have been involved in the development of advanced verification methodologies by utilizing techniques such as constrained random generation, functional coverage, and assertion-based verification.
Our services based on SystemVerilog are

  • SystemVerilog for Design.
  • SystemVerilog for Testbench.
  • SystemVerilog Assertions.
  • SystemVerilog for Direct Programming Interface.
  • SystemVerilog for Application Programming Interface.
Pe diagaram of system verilog test bench ofSystem verilog test bench

Device Drivers

Flow chart of device drivers

Our team at RTS has unique knowledge in various device drivers that connect both hardware and software for mobile and embedded operating systems which include Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, Android, VxWorks, etc. Our experience in creating complicated drivers for kernel mode like Audio/Video Drivers, Camera/Display Drivers, Storage Drivers, Connectivity Drivers, Communication Drivers, Wireless and User Interface for LCD/ Touch screen.
Devices usually have registers addressed by I/O instructions where device driver places commands, addresses, and data to write or read data from registers after command execution. RTS uses standard methodologies for validation and verification and follows a systematic project cycle for drivers testing. The project can run in iterative cycles until the driver has been perfectly certified and commercially used.

Test Automation

Box shaped test automation device

RTS offers commercial functional test systems for a broad range of manufacturing test applications, including automotive and military-aerospace. These Automated test equipment, which is computer-controlled equipment that tests electronic devices for functionality and performance. This Equipment also includes the control hardware, sensors, and software that collects and analyses the test results.

Systems can be configured with VXI, PXI, GPIB, serial port, and PC based instrumentation to meet technical and budgetary requirements. Tester software is developed using Labview, Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, and where appropriate, a combination of programming languages is utilized to develop the Graphic User Interface (GUI) and the tests. All systems are supplied with self-test/self-diagnostic capabilities and the documentation is provided in both paper and soft copy.

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