Black and white colored NGARM missile displayed on a stand

How NGARM ( Next Generation Anti Radiation Missile) works and its specifications:

DRDO developed NGARM an air-to-surface anti-radiation missile. As its name implies, it destroys or suppresses radiation emitting sources such as enemy radar monitoring or fire control radars. NGARM has a strike range of 100-125 km and features a millimeter wave seeker capable of lock-on before and after launch modes. These missiles can detect radar by tracking its produced electromagnetic radiation and the pulses and could destroy it regardless of the radar wavelength. The missile was installed on the frontline Indian superiority fighters such as the Sukhoi Su-30MKI and the indigenous LCA Tejas.
RTS ( Reliable Technosystems ) being a proven leader in delivering innovative and intelligent solutions for Aerospace, Defence and Homeland security domains have contributed to NGARM by developing a robust Multi-Channel Digital Servo Controller which controls FIN positions of aerodynamic manoeuvres, in response to steering commands from the Flight Computer.
As a researcher, integrator and developer of advanced electronics, Reliable Techno Systems (RTS) has acquired a reputation in the field of Electronic System Design and Manufacturing.

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