NAG - Anti Tank Guided Missile

What is NAG missile's specialty and how it works?

‘Taking a tank’ is not easy but, in fact, a few ATGMs (Anti Tank Guided Missiles) all over the world are capable of improving the fighting on the ground. Among them, Nag is one of the deadliest ‘Fire and Forget’ anti-tank guided missiles of India developed by DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) supporting both the mechanized infantry and Indian airborne Army forces.

The missile incorporates an advanced passive control system with a high probability of single-shot kill. It is intended to destroy modern main battle tanks and other heavily reinforced targets. In all weather conditions, this top-attack missile operates over a range of 3 to 7 km.

Nag is a third-generation Fire and Forget class missile which was launched from NAMICA ATGM carrier a variant which has lock-on-before launch capability, this missile has different modes of firing including top attack and indirect attack. Here it uses imaging infrared seeker which locks the target prior to the launch.

In Pokhran (Rajasthan), DRDO effectively tested NAG several times. During the 11-day span, it was tested about 12 times. All missiles have achieved their mission targets including the minimum range, maximum range, indirect and top attack mode and reached a direct hit. The success of NAG’s introduction in the army is expected to increase the army’s capacity against the enemies. 

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